Technology Solution – SMART

BRANY offers a study management and revenue tracking system (SMART) to streamline and simplify the clinical trial process.

BRANY’s SMART system combines the robust features of clinical trial management software with critical financial budgeting and tracking.  The system allows study sites to develop study budgets and conduct cost analyses utilizing pricing information stored within the database.  Users can also manage and store regulatory documents.

This easy-to-use, online solution allows investigators and research staff to:

  • Manage trial initiation, funding, and sponsor relations
  • Assist in contract and budget development
  • Handle accounting from start to finish, including holdback reconciliation
  • Track investigators, subjects, and trial progress

The web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) also allows clients to track completed subject visits and study procedures, revenue, and accounts receivable.  The SMART system, which is 21CFR11 ready, gives clinical research sites, research administration, and clinical trial offices the ability to develop their own customized work flows to track and monitor new study opportunities as they progress through a site or hospital’s internal review process.  This includes budget, contract, conflict of interest, and IRB review.

The SMART system also allows you to compare your actual enrollments for each study with the study enrollment target, and includes integration with Tech Software‘s award-winning IRBManagersolution.

Because our system is web-based, there is no need to download or install software on institutional computer systems or networks.  It also allows investigators and clinical trial office staff to collaborate from various locations.

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