“The Research Billing Solutions Staff can be trusted to remind you about what you’ll forget before you forget it, fill in the blanks you can’t answer before you’re stumped, and in an overwhelmingly professional manner, move your research project in the right financial direction.”

– Robert Smith, Lead Study Coordinator, NYU School of Medicine

“The flow of funds and of progress in the clinical studies are accurately monitored, reported to me and billed to sponsors. These have always been timely and accurate. I would not be able to develop the systems needed for this while also managing the clinical issues involving study subjects.”

– Paul Shurin, MD, Montefiore Medical Center, Investigative Site

“Research Billing Solutions’ services are invaluable to our department. They keep an eye on the payments which allows us to concentrate on the studies.”
– Howard Nadel, Director of Research, North Bronx Healthcare Network

“Research Billing Solutions provides our clients with a comprehensive picture of their post-award finances while helping them identify and collect all of their reiumbursable costs. Time and time again, our staff has aided our sites in getting paid for services they didn’t realize they were entitled to, and so in the end, engaging Research Billing Solutions can ultimately pay for itself.”

– Joanne Nicholson, Research Billing Solutions, Managing Director