Alzheimer’s disease

People with Alzheimer’s disease are asked to participate in a research study being conducted by NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you:

  • Are at least ≥ 60 and ≤ 85 years of age
  • Have a mild dementia at Screening
  • Have a history of cognitive decline over at least 12 months

You may not participate in this study if you:

  • Have an alternative cause for dementia other than AD
  • Have evidence of any clinically significant neurodegenerative disease
  • Have a concurrent psychiatric disorder
  • Have a history of uncontrolled or untreated cardiovascular disease
  • Have a history of severe agitation within 12 months
  • Have a history of a primary or recurrent malignant disease
  • Have untreated B12 and/or folic acid deficiency
  • Are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant

Contact Information
Ms. Anaztasia Ulysse, Study Coordinator
Phone: (212) 263-0771