BRANY’s “Connected IRB”

BRANY’s IRB experience with a wide variety of institutions and sponsors has led to the development of our unique “Connected IRB” model. Understanding that institutions must be aware about the research conducted throughout their organization, BRANY has been able to include in its process the mechanisms to keep key institutional personnel apprised of all pertinent research matters.

The BRANY team partners with your institution’s IRB and research office to ensure you remain connected to your clinical trials.

For the past 15 years, BRANY’s “Connected IRB” model has provided institutions with a customized solution that results in high quality human subject protection oversight, as well as efficiency for industry sponsored and investigator-initiated research.


Our unique value proposition:

  • Expertise
    • Administered by experts in clinical research and human subject protection
    • Staff from leading academic centers serve as IRB members
    • Expertise of academics with the efficiency of a central board
  • Efficient reviews
    • IRB meetings twice weekly
    • Daily IRB reviews
    • Notification of IRB decisions within 2 days of the meeting
  • Compliance
    • All protected class and recombinant DNA/gene transfer trials audited for compliance as part of our routine service
    • Every investigator new to clinical research is audited to assess GCP compliance, at no extra charge
    • Auditors train the staff on-site, making the audit an educational experience
  • Access
    • Access to IRB-Manager collaborative software
    • Emergency contact 24/7

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