Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Services

BRANY has been supporting organizations conducting recombinant DNA or gene therapy research for over 15 years.

Whether you’re conducting recombinant DNA research or gene therapy clinical trials, BRANY IBC Services can help you navigate the NIH Guidelines, and coordinate IBC review with IRB review when appropriate. Institutional biosafety committees facilitated by BRANY benefit from the expertise of IBC chairs and biosafety officers from our affiliated, nationally-ranked academic medical centers.

IBC review is needed when recombinant DNA or gene therapy research is NIH-funded, or when it is conducted at or sponsored by an institution that receives NIH support. The IBC focuses on the risk assessment for the study agent, containment levels and procedures required to safely conduct the research, preparedness of the facility and its personnel, and the potential impact to the environment.

BRANY IBC Services can be your partner to expedite initiation of such research while providing scrupulous biosafety oversight.


How Can BRANY IBC Services Help?

BRANY provides personalized and responsive service to administer your IBC, including:

  • Assigned project coordinator
  • Selection of appropriate IBC members
    • Core members include gene therapy and biosafety experts from academic centers
    • Candidates for non-affiliated community members via BRANY’s network
  • Registration of IBC with the NIH Office of Science Policy (OSP)
  • Review of IBC applications for completeness
  • Scheduling of IBC meetings (with preparation and distribution of materials)
  • Correspondence with research site, sponsor, IBC,  IRB, and NIH
  • Facilitation of ongoing IBC oversight:
    • Assistance with required reporting
    • Maintenance of records and meeting minutes
  • Scheduling of site visits as needed
  • Very competitive and transparent pricing (fees available upon request).


IBC Forms and Guidance

Submit a study or view guidance for partnering with BRANY IBC Services.

For information contact:

Vanessa Rodriguez
Phone: 516.514.2445