IBC Services

“We provide the know-how needed to effectively establish and execute IBC review for your organization.”

Vanessa Rodriguez, CIP
IRB/IBC Coordinator


Our IBC Services can help expedite the review process for recombinant DNA or human gene transfer research while providing rigorous biosafety oversight.

Gene Transfer & Biosafety Experts
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) review is required when NIH research involves human gene transfer or use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules and is NIH-funded or conducted at an institution receiving NIH-funding. IBCs facilitated by BRANY benefit from the expertise of IBC chairs and biosafety officers from our nationally ranked academic medical centers. Our IBC Services experts can help your team navigate NIH Guidelines and focus on the risk assessment for areas including:

• Study agent
• Containment levels and procedures required to safely conduct the research
• Preparedness of the facility and its personnel
• Potential impact to the environment

We also add the required non-affiliated members to represent the interests of the surrounding community and local environment.

Expedited Initiation & Coordinated Review
Our IRB Services help expedite the initiation of recombinant DNA or human gene transfer trials and maintain scrupulous biosafety oversight. We can also coordinate IBC review with IRB review when appropriate. Site inspection visits are scheduled as needed.

Personalized & Responsive Service
Our experienced IBC Administrators manage the overall process working side-by-side with your team in a way that suits your institution’s needs. This includes administering all aspects of IBC; from forming and registering the IBC Committee, to running meetings and preparing documentation. Your staff will also have access to IRBManager™ for online submission and recordkeeping.