Study Start Up

"Our Clinical Trials Activation Team has proven that start up times can be as quick as 35 days."

Rosemarie Spiler
Vice President, Clinical Trials Activation Team

Study sponsors and CROs are eager to work with partners committed to meeting critical start up timelines. Our team is dedicated to helping institutions exceed expectations.


Efficient Study Start Up
We can assist with any or all components of Study Start Up to help get studies at your institution up and running as efficiently as possible. We have a flexible approach that can be adapted to fit your institution’s needs, address situations as they come up, and work in parallel with your organizations existing processes. We can also handle Study Start Up regardless of the IRB that is used.

Experienced Team
Our Clinical Trial Activation team consists of experienced relationship managers, budget analysts, and attorneys dedicated to meeting your institutions standards. You can leverage our resources for Study Start Up administrative tasks as needed and avoid the challenges of bringing on new employees to meet your institution’s growing research demands. As part of our approach, we also coach investigators and their staff to ensure they are compliant with institutional requirements and approvals, such as Scientific Review Committees or Radiation Safety Reviews.

Reduced Administrative Burden
Our staff can be used to handle administrative tasks that often bog down research teams. For instance, we can complete regulatory startup documents, prepare Informed Consent documents, and initiate the necessary IRB paperwork. With our support, your research team can focus on critical tasks, such as enrolling study participants and completing study procedures.

Human Subjects and Site Protection
We have embedded 20 years of best practices into our systems to protect human subjects and study sites. It’s our goal to ensure that clinical trial agreements include rigorous indemnification, insurance provisions that are suitable to cover potential claims, and clear stipulations to address subject injury, protect intellectual property, and meet AAHRPP standards.

Maximizing Trial Budget
Our expertise in clinical trial budgeting can help maximize trial reimbursement for the research site. Our team is skilled at developing budgets that take into account all of the procedures required by the study protocol as well as the institution and site requirements for covering the costs of the study. This includes administrative fees and hidden costs associated with running trials.