For over 20 years, we’ve been developing technology that supports investigators and sponsors involved in clinical research. Our proprietary systems are easy-to-use and help improve efficiencies in the process.

Study Management
The SMART (Study Management and Revenue Tracking) system is a secure cloud-based Clinical Trial Business System (CTBS) that provides trial management from study inception to completion. It offers features that help:

  • Manage trial initiation, funding, and sponsor relations.
  • Assist in contract and budget development.
  • Handle accounting from start to finish, including holdback reconciliation.
  • Track investigators, subjects, and trial progress.
  • Account for patient attendance and extraneous charges.

To learn how SMART could benefit your institution contact Carmela Houston-Henry.

Protocol Builder®
BRANY launched this protocol writing technology to improve the quality and consistency of clinical research protocols and make the review process more efficient. Protocol Builder helps:

  • Enhance compliance by enforcing institutional standards and promoting adherence to regulations.
  • Support investigators with step-by-step guidance that supports new and experienced researchers.
  • Promote collaboration by enabling communication and streamlining workflows.

Visit the Protocol Builder website to sign up for a free trial or demo.