BRANY GCP Auditing. Our goal is to ensure high quality research.

The sole mission of BRANY GCP Auditing Services is to ensure high quality research. Our team each has a minimum of 8 years of experience, so they’ve seen it all.

Today’s leading hospitals and academic medical centers choose BRANY.

BRANY was founded 25 years ago by four nationally recognized academic center, so we understand your culture. If you’re lacking the resources to perform a QA Audit, we can jump in and provide a thorough review that catches little problems before they become major.

Collaborative and educational.

Our seasoned team is a pleasure to work with because their focus is to help you succeed. They know researchers and their teams have a keen interest in ensuring research is conducted ethically and compliantly. They’ll even provide coaching along the way to help make your team stronger at preventing actions that may result in non-compliance.


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