Single IRB

"We needed a single IRB for a multisite trial…

...but our IRB was not equipped to handle all of the logistics. Working With BRANY, we were able to set up the sIRB process for the trial without adding new staff while still maintaining control over the project. BRANY even integrated a Conflict of Interest process."

Director of IRB Administration
Mid-size Academic Medical Center

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IRB Services

For over 20 years, we’ve served as an IRB for multi-site research studies and as a local IRB to academic medical centers, research organizations, and research sites. Our Connected IRB Model is reflective of the highest standards in human subject protection while providing ongoing communication that promotes stakeholder engagement. We offer efficient, customizable processes, and experienced staff including Certified IRB Professionals (CIP) who excel at applying the regulations that govern research.

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Single IRB

Our AAHRPP-accredited Single IRB (sIRB) conducts reviews in accordance with NIH policy for multi-site research. Committee members include experts from leading academic medical centers who are well-versed in HHS and FDA regulations. We offer a Connected IRB Model that promotes collaboration and keeps institutional stakeholders informed throughout the study. We can also customize our approach to fit the needs of the multi-center study and participating sites.

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IRBs that review social and behavioral health research protocols face unique challenges not generally seen by those that review biomedical research protocols. Our SBER IRB committee members are experienced nurses, social workers, and scientists who understand these challenges. Our connected IRB Model offers an efficient review process, and a customizable approach, which promotes collaboration and communication throughout the study.

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IBC Services

We help institutions navigate NIH guidelines and coordinate Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) review when needed for clinical trials involving recombinant DNA research or gene therapy. We can establish an IBC committee for your institution with core members that include IBC chairs and biosafety officers from our affiliated, nationally-ranked academic medical centers.

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Study Start Up

"We were losing possible study opportunities...

... because it was taking too long to finalize contracts and budgets with our limited resources. BRANY provided the expertise we needed to expedite study start-up. Their services allowed us to grow our study pipeline and offer our patients more research opportunities."

Director, Office of Clinical Trials

  • Study Start Up
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Research Billing & Collections
  • Research Auditing & Monitoring
  • Trial & Site Identification

Study Start Up

We can help your organization with any or all components of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial Study Start Up. Our staff can fill in gaps so you don’t need to bring on new employees to meet your institution’s clinical research goals. Our Study Start Up expertise includes coverage analysis, budgeting, and contract negotiation. Our budget and coverage analysts understand how to maximize study budgets for a trial site, which is crucial to recouping study costs.

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Coverage Analysis

Our Coverage Analysis team performs expert reviews of research study protocols and documentation to identify all study-related tests, procedures, or interventions eligible for Medicare or insurance reimbursement. Our approach includes collaborating with research teams to ensure that study-specific billing plans are aligned with standard of care and current site practices. We also offer research billing compliance auditing and coverage analysis training.

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Research Billing & Collections

With over 20 years of extensive work with academic medical centers, hospitals, and research sites, we’ve optimized our research billing and collections processes and achieved a 99% collection rate. We can help improve your institution’s clinical trial revenue collections by ensuring all study related activity is accurately invoiced and payments received are meticulously reconciled so no revenue is overlooked.

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Research Auditing & Monitoring

Research compliance best practices include internal research auditing programs, which extend the mission of the IRB to protect research participants and strengthen the institution’s research compliance oversight. We can customize a research compliance solution for your institution or supplement the needs of your existing team. We also offer clinical trial monitoring services that can confirm protocol adherence, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.

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Trial & Site Identification

We take a proactive approach to site and trial identification that benefits from our longstanding relationships with leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies as well as partnerships with the top CROs including IQVIA Prime Site and Parexel Partner, which give us preferred access to research opportunities. We can also help expedite confidentiality agreements, site feasibility questionnaires, and other related site selection documents.

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Experience, expertise, and the flexibility to fit your needs. BRANY has been effectively supporting institutions and investigators involved with clinical trials in all therapeutic areas since 1998. We offer empowering solutions that seamlessly fill in the gaps or enhance existing processes.

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