Research Billing and Collections

“We’ve invested 20 years developing systems and processes that ensure our research sites are compensated for every dollar earned.”

Joanne Nicholson, CPA
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

To maximize the revenue impact of research billing and collections you need efficient processes and experienced staff. We have both.

Maximizing Study Revenue
We can help maximize study revenue collection and improve cash flow by working to ensure all study activity and eligible expenses are billed and collected in a timely manner. This includes funds you may not have known you were entitled to receive. We also have processes and strategies to collect payments as efficiently as possible and make sure all payments are reconciled to the study budget.

Experience & Flexibility
Our experienced team members know how to gather information and bill in ways to help maximize study revenue. A key element to ensuring all research activity is captured for billing purposes, is the relationship building our team develops with the study site team. This keeps the lines of communication open, and enables us to obtain the detail necessary to effectively bill and collect from sponsors. We can serve as an outsourced billing/collections solution for new studies or step in to address issues with ongoing studies.

Cost-effective Solution
By leveraging our experienced team, you can avoid the effort and expense of finding and hiring staff with this specialized skillset. Your institution can also benefit by using our SMART CTMS technology to help streamline the study management process rather than having to purchase or build your own clinical trial system.

Efficient & Technology-enabled Process
Over the past 20 years, we’ve optimized our process and developed technology to increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, and expedite research billing and collections. Systems like SMART CTMS make the process more efficient by collecting relevant enrollment information and providing easy access to details about balances due and payments made.